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About Nagano Wine

Nagano prefecture is located in the heart of Japanese main island of Japan. Surrounded by the high mountains which altitude is around 3000m, you must be fascinated by picturesque landscape and vineyards.
There are 4 regions in Nagano prefecture, each of which are located in main big basins and are promoted by the local government. The 4 regions are called “Shinshu Wine Valley” as a whole. Shinshu is an old synonym which means Nagano.


Nagano Appellation Control (NAC) was founded in 2002 to improve the quality of all Nagano Wines. Preceding similar nationwide regulations by 13 years, NAC defines Nagano Wine as that which uses 100% Nagano grapes that meet high standards of cultivation, production and taste. Only wines which pass this strict examination, can be certified as Nagano Wine, or “NAC Wine”.
The local authority of Nagano Prefecture also has a strategy which encourages the development of the four wine regions of Nagano: the Kikyogahara Wine Valley, Nihon (Japan) Alps Wine Valley,Chikumagawa Wine Valley, and Tenryugawa Wine Valley.


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Nagano is the largest producer of Merlot in Japan. Wines may be light, medium or full-bodied, with attractive fruit character and less aggressive tannins.


Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most planted varieties in the world. It is primary increasingly planted in Nagano, especially in the Chikukma Valley. Wines are medium to full bodied.


Pinot Noir is primary grape planted in Burgundy as well as in in Champagne. It produces some of the most great wines of in the world, in General as its berry and its cluster are small, suitable soil and temperature are very limited. However, there are some winegrowers who had succeeded to grow this variety


Cabernet Franc is the one of the genetic parents of Cabernet Sauvignon. It can grow in cooler climate and early ripening. Wines may be light,medium to full-bodied, and elegant and have soft tannin.


American variety most widely planted in the Kikyogahara Valley. It is used for wine and juice. Wines are light to mediumbodied and usually made in sweet to semi-sweet styles. Very powerful aroma.


Nagano is the largest producer of Chardonnay grapes in Japan. Wines are usually dry with a wide spectrum of flavors and have garnered a reputation for their high quality.


Sauvignon Blanc is becoming increasingly popular, planted especially at high altitudes. Wines are usually dry, zesty, crispy and unoaked.


Pinot Gris is a mutation of Pinot Noir. The name Pinot Gris derives from its color of berry, which is greyish-pink. Gris means grey in French. Wines are usually dry with a bit of bitterness, and both unoaked and oaked. Pinot Gris is called Pinot Grigio in Italy.


American variety planted extensively in the Kikyogahara Valley. Niagara is used for juice and table grapes as well as wine.Wines are usually made in sweet or semi-sweet styles. Very powerful and unique aroma.


Also known as Vitis Vinifera it is said to originate in Central Asia. Wines are made in various styles from dry to semi-sweet with a flavor reminiscent of green apples.